Hi there!

This is Nidhi here! Welcome to HeHaHo - my warm cozy corner where you will find everything about being healthy and happy in Hong Kong!

So let me tell you a little bit about myself first.

I am an extremely happy and a fairly healthy girl living with my amazing husband and adorable daughter in Hong Kong!  

I absolutely, completely and deeply love cooking (strictly vegetarian), baking, traveling, writing, speaking (training / facilitating / coaching), Yoga, inspiring, gardening, DIYing, blogging, reading, singing, dancing, hiking, partying....(and if you are still reading the list)...my most wonderful set of family and friends. Well, yes I know the list is quite long. But what I can do. I like most things in life. As George Matthew Allen said, "People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest. :) 

I find a 24 hour day too short for my taste. However, as there is pretty much nothing I can do about it, I try to fit in all of the above to varying degrees every now and then. Oh and I forgot to mention, I love and am obsessed with my startup Alchemy Consulting and have no sense of distinction between weekdays and weekends for work.

So, is my life perfect? Well, according to me perfection is a state of mind. 

Am I happy all the time? Of course not! It is not realistic. 

Do I have it all? Again, it is a relative term. 

But what I do have is everything in life I can be grateful for - a most loving family, awesome friends, reason to smile everyday, healthy body and a happy heart.

Okay, that is almost enough about me for a first meeting. I am sure we will get to know more of each other through more interactions and posts. 

Now, something about HeHaHo!

Why did I start Healthy. Happy. Hong Kong? As you might have guessed already, I am always brimming with what I think are brilliant ideas on how I can make myself and people around me happier and healthier - two things most important in life and also thought to be as most difficult. I just want to remind people how easy it is to embrace both. 

I want that each time you visit HeHaHo, you leave with a smile on your face and a dose of healthy food and inspiration. 

What are you waiting for!

Let us get started! 

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